Our engagement approach

Founding a business takes guts. Tons. We admire all entrepreneurs.

Getting your first €10m in revenue is brutal. The early grappling with product-market fit. Making things happen. Pushing things forward. Fuelled almost entirely by energy and enthusiasm.

Growing from €10m to €100m+ comes with a totally different set of challenges, all completely new and incredibly demanding. 

That’s where Farview seeks to engage.

Challenges we see

Compounding complexity

A business that grows from €1m to €10m, usually does so with one set of things. One market, one product, one team, one target customer. It is a huge undertaking, as you rarely have much help around you. But it creates a clarity of focus, and dictates a disciplined approach to everything. As companies grow past this – all of those dimensions are suddenly multiples. More products, for more kinds of customers, across more markets. Suddenly, those companies need to manage themselves against a totally new backdrop. And so also need new set of tools, to cope and progress.

Factions across functions

150 people. That’s Dunbar’s number. The theory that there is a finite number of people with whom you can build real relationships. Where everybody knows everybody, and understands how they are related to each other. When it comes to companies, this theory holds true. Past 150 people, you tend to stop being one team. Silos and tribes start emerging. When this begins, is exactly when we land in a business. So we are there to help you manage this transition. Helping find the right ways for you to keep your culture strong, your objectives aligned and communication flowing.

Intuition overload

When you’re a founder or a chief executive, at the beginning you’re across everything. You can gather everyone together, see all the data, you know all the big clients, and are on top of all the detail. You can rely on your intuition. But as you grow past €20m – this way of doing things starts breaking. You can’t be on top of everything, all the time. You can’t always make the right decisions on intuition. Instead you need the right team around you, and better tools and more perspectives at your disposal. So you can stay you out of the weeds – and keep making the right decisions.

These are all issues that we really appreciate. And we have spent a lot of time thinking of ways we can help…
how we can bring real support and resources as an investor to give executives more time… never take it away.

Where we deliver

Board engagement

Our investment team truly work as a team. And over the course of our varied professional careers, have operated more than Excel and the odd Powerpoint.

We want to really understand how the business operates. And to bring more relevant perspectives to the table, more often. With more than just metrics and benchmarks.

Functional engagement

Our Strategic Advisory Team has spent years entire careers-mastering the details of very specific, functional roles. Understanding the requirements of different scaling points and the contrasting motions that can deliver positive outcomes across various customer segments.

They are available, whenever you need them. To offer you insights, coaching and direct support on specific issues.

When you invest twenty minutes, with someone who has twenty years’ experience, – we believe that you’ll always get a lot back.

Project engagement

Resource stretch is often the hardest issue to solve, with the demands of business-as-usual and strategic objectives.

We understand the types of people and skills needed, to really add quality to key transformation projects. And make them quicker, too.

They tend to be people who have experienced things themselves.

Who have lived through things, got their hands dirty, and know what it takes. People who bring a lot to the table. Without huge teams or branded rate cards.

Fully designed, but built to be flexible.
Always available, when you need us.