This is our team. Decades of experience, in all kinds of fields, all over the world. Here you’ll find a bit more about all of us. But of course nothing beats a good conversation, to get to know one another. So after taking a look, please do get in touch.

Firm principles

Teams win

Whether it is internally or externally between Farview and its portfolio company executive teams or external advisers, we play and win as a collective harnessing our individual talents and insights.

Passion makes
things happen

We really love what we do. And we work with people who share our enthusiasm and ambition. That passion creates energy, which enables us to make rapid, well informed choices, and then focus on delivering them.

Input improves
all of us

We believe we can all improve, all the time, when we’re open, and actively wanting to be better. Considered, honest feedback, always given with empathy, is crucial. It’s how things progress. And it must happen with both internal and external colleagues and partners.

Diversity drives
better decisions

To achieve all we want to, we need a diverse set of voices in the room. So we build diverse teams, and seek out unique points of view. Complex realities and difficult questions are better solved by a mix of perspectives. And the ability to see things through the eyes of others.