we look for

Easy to measure

  • Revenue scale of over €10m
  • At least 20% growth
  • Big, addressable market opportunities
  • Strong product differentiation and IP depth

Harder to find

  1. Fascination with team shape and next level skills
    We think great teams are receptive to all inputs, when it comes to building the best possible combined skill-set
  2. Selling to fit. At amazing value
    We love to see customer and product priorities at the top of strategy documents and operational dashboards
  3. Gearing growth on innovation and lifecycle
    We never stop looking for the best places and ways to drive investment and value
  4. Prioritising the important things. Always
    Clear thinking behind streamlined, company-wide objectives makes good things happen
  5. Compelling unit and drop-through economics
    We love upsized gross profit to invest into sales and product, with every added dollar of revenue

Where we spend
our time

We can’t claim to predict the future. But we do believe that we understand the main product and market drivers needed to support technology businesses as they grow. These industry themes shape how we think about innovation.

Our building blocks of innovation:
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Technical Enablers

Drive structural shifts in the method, reach and return of technology deployment.
  • Cloud & edge computing
  • Internet of things
  • Low/No code development
  • API integration
  • AI and machine learning
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Foundational changes

In organizational expectations and priorities created by technology led transformation.
  • Compliance complexity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital transformation & RPA
  • Privacy and trust
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Disruptive potential

Reinvent fundamental ways of doing business.
  • Financial market digitisation
  • Human “X” applications
  • Verticalization
  • Future of remote work
  • Digital twins
  • Blockchain

Our market taxonomy:

Vertical industries with varying use cases and addressable market opportunities

Horizontal applications to streamline and operationalize key functions

This focus on key themes shapes our thesis led approach

theses we love

We believe that great products will emerge in all these areas.
And we hope to work with the companies behind them