Farview sign up to Investing in Women Code

08.09.22By Samantha McGonigle

As part of our commitment to diversity, embodied in our foundational firm principle that ‘diversity drives better decisions’, Farview Equity Partners has become a signatory to the Investing in Women Code.

At Farview we believe that, to achieve all that we want to, we need a diverse set of voices in the room. We believe that complex realities and difficult questions are better solved by a mix of perspectives and the ability to see things through the eyes of others. So we build diverse teams internally, including in respect of gender, and seek out unique points of view.

It was obvious to us that this should be extended to our investments and potential investments and so Farview became a signatory to the Code in 2022. We are committed to evaluating the gender balance of the investment opportunities we spend time on, and to reporting data to the Investing in Women Code to seek to build an industry view and strengthen diversity. Farview is also clearly committed to diversity across all characteristics and we believe this a positive step on that continuing journey.

The Code was launched in 2019 and is led by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and delivered with partner organisations: British Business Bank, British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, UK Business Angels Association, and UK Finance. There are now 160+ signatories.

The 2022 Investing in Women Code report, published recently in July 2022, shows some encouraging signs that there are real impacts driven by the targeted data collection, transparency and active interventions to support female entrepreneurship adopted by Code signatories. However, it also highlights the continuing disparity in the funding journey for female vs. male founders with far fewer female-led businesses and all-female founder teams seeking third party debt or equity financing than their male counterparts. Farview is committed to being part of the efforts which continue to enable and support change.