Headless content management system for e-commerce

Founders / Management

James Brooke
John Williams
Rory Dennis

Business Overview

Founded in 2008, the company provides leading brands and retailers the freedom to create compelling digital experiences across all channels at scale.

Product Strategy

  • The company delivers a combination of capabilities to manage content at the asset level through retail specific marketing and merchandising workflows, enabling high quality digital experiences across all channels.
  • Amplience’s technology has been built in accordance with MACH principles (Micro-services, API-first, Cloud based, Headless) and enables it to be delivered in a highly flexible and scalable solution alongside other best of breed components across the commerce stack

Investment rationale and our role

  • Amplience is at the centre of a major shift in technology platforms as ecommerce continues to scale and accelerate.  The company’s focus on scale ecommerce customers creates a solution that delivers on the requirements of the most demanding use cases
  • Farview is working with the company to continue the development of its experience based product features and to scale the enterprise oriented go-to-market organisation